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What constitutes Emergency Care?


​Situations which could be considered an emergency under this definition include:

 a. A patient who is currently experiencing incapacitating neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction or pain.

b. Any scenario where the inability to initiate care or the withdrawal of care would lead to the significant deterioration of a patient’s condition and the patient is at risk for imminent hospital admission.

c. The patient is an individual such as a health care provider in an essential service in an acute care setting or other setting deemed to be essential, whose injury or condition requires the input of a chiropractor to return to work safely as soon as possible.

What if the patient is not considered as an emergency case, but still wants treatment? 

Some patients will be burdened by the cancellation of non-essential services and, where possible the chiropractor and the patient should explore options that do not include involve in-person interactions, such as providing care by phone or other telecommunication methods if it is safe to do so.    

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